Messianic Judaism
At Jesus House

By Pastor G. Reckart
Copyright 1994, All Rights Reserved

Messianic Judaism is a religious movement that arose in Israel after the return of the Jews from Babylonian exile.  The Jews in Babylon were of the tribe of Judah. They desired the Kingdom of David restored.  Since the lineage of the kings of David's seed had long been lost they looked for restoration by a miracle of God.  Daniel's prophecy of the coming Messieh was the inspiration that kept hope alive for the restoration of the Davidic Kingdom.  The seventy week time period of 490 years from the command to rebuild the temple was looked upon as a sign from God the Davidic Kingdom would be restored.  They knew not how it would be done or any idea how the son of David would be identified and revealed.  They lived in hope and expectation.  We call this Messianic Judaism because it was strictly a house of Judah thing.  All of Israel as a nation would benefit but out of Judah Messieh would come.

The intertestament years 600BC-26AD brought about many conflicts and wars.  All of which led to the hope Messieh would come immediately.  But one thing held back the son of David from appearing.  It was the FULNESS OF TIME.  That is, Messieh would not come until the very day the 70th week began and the 69th and been fulfilled.  The fullness of time would be exactly 483 years and one day.  Then Messieh would appear and all Israel would know God's choice to restore the Kingdom of David to Israel.  Exactly on this day Jesus arrived at the Jordan River and John the Baptist baptized him announcing this is the "Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world." John told the people "this is he" of whom he spoke concerning ushering in the Kingdom of God.  Jesus was the ONLY MESSIEH that came exactly on that day.  Others came before that day and out of time sequence to prophecy.  Others came after that day out of sequence of prophecy. The Jews know this and so they have now done two things.  They fudge and lie about the 70 weeks of Daniel and when the count-down begins; and 2.) many of them now know they cannot overcome Jesus being the only one to fulfill the prophecy.  So, they now claim Daniel did not write the book and the prophecy is false and spurious.  In spite of these denials Jesus came at the exact moment of the FULLNESS OF TIME.

This Messianic Judaism of Jesus was on God's calendar and predicted by himself through the prophecy of Daniel. Those who held this belief set forth some other prophetic criteria they felt also pointed to the Messieh.  One of these was that the Messieh would be born in Bethlehem and his mother would be a virgin.  Meaning Messieh would be a first-born son and not born of a mother who already had children.  While there were other scriptures that were Messianic, they believed Messieh would fulfill them.  But these two: the place of his birth and it being by a virgin were sufficient to eliminate pretenders and false messiehs.  God knew just how to make it impossible for a false messieh to appear.  Today when any man claims to be Jesus or the promised Messieh we apply the three-way test: 1.) did he come on the first day of the 70th week as prophesied by Daniel; 2.) was he born in Bethlehem; and 3.) was he born of a virgin.

Prior to this, messianic Judaism was only a prophetic hope.  Jews believed Messieh would come just before the end of the world.  They believed he would come as an Army General and chase out of Israel all enemies.  This delivering Messieh would then purge the nation of all idols and establish his Kingdom in Jerusalem.  There arose all sorts of theological test that Jews felt should be applied to the Messieh to insure he was a valid son of David and would qualify as the son of David to reign over Israel.  These Messieh tests were fabricated after the time of Jesus and used post-facto against Jesus to disqualify him.  None of these test they manufactured were used in the trial against Jesus.  Was Jesus the Messieh?  We believe the Scriptures show that he was.  In addition, the time-frame of 70 weeks or 490 years from the time of Daniel until to Messieh is long since over.  Was there a Messieh other then Jesus who showed up in Israel in fulfillment of this 70 weeks?  No!  Only Jesus came on the scene at the end of the 69th and beginning of the 70th week. Only Jesus fulfilled the time element of Daniel's prophecy.  Since the time has already expired, there cannot come a new Messieh among the Israelites and Jews.  The only Messieh MUST BE the one who came in the 70th week as prophesied. Jesus is the only one who qualifies.

Messianic Judaism has for its main foundation the prophecy of Daniel in chapter 9, where an exact time-frame for the coming of the Messieh was set forth.  The expectant Messieh was looked for and most of Israel in one way or another believed in the coming King of Israel who would inherit David's throne and restore the Judaic Kingdom to Israel.  Jewish scholars added to Daniel's prophecy what they believed were additional Messianic markers that pointed to this same coming Messieh. They believed Moses prophesied of him.  That David prophesied of him.  And that the Prophets gave several hints of his coming.  Messianic Judaism was born out of hope for the restoration of Israel under the throne of David. They did not want just a nation with political or religious leaders appointed by their enemies.  They wanted their Kingdom back and the seed of David reigning over the nation.  It was this Kingdom of God all Israel hoped would come.

Messianic Judaism was a hope of Israel but it did not develop into a separate Jewish religious movement until Jesus came.  It was Jesus who ushered in the promised Kingdom of God.  Jesus is then the founder of Messianic Judaism as a Jewish religious movement.  

Here is where Jewish and Gentile theology put the sword to Truth and kill it.  The plot to kill Truth is carried on in each generation by religious men who control the minds of the masses.  Messianic Judaism suffered attack from the Temple cult the instant it became known that a Messieh had appeared on the Jordan River.  Jesus as you well know disappeared into the wilderness for forty days after his baptism and only afterward did he come forth in Israel and proclaim his right as son of David and King of Israel.  This immediately brought out all the devils in Jerusalem who met in their conclaves, paladans, secret societies (Iscarri, Freemasons, Kabbalist, Talmudist), and in the great Sanhedrin chamber of hewn stone.  Over the next three and a half years these devils would attempt to destroy Jesus and kill him.  Jesus recognized these enemies and gave them no respect or honor.  He openly called them serpents and of their father the devil.  Naturally, this clashing would stir up the death plot against him.  These apostate Jews plotted to have their Messieh, son of David, put to death.  The Iscarri joined in the plot and among these came Judas and took the death money.  That is why he is called by the Apostles Judas Iscariot.  The lying scribes and destroyers of Truth place in their books that Iscarri means man of Kerioth.  This lie removes the guilt of those who plotted the death of Jesus away from them being identified.  Thanks to ole Pharisee Josephus who tells us about these Iscarri in his book.

The lies of Jewish and Gentile theologians gets even worse.  They team up to claim Jesus did not bring the Kingdom of God and it was either postponed or it did not come at all.  They claim Jesus did not come as King when he was born or when he was the Messieh among Israel for three and a half years.  According to these demons of hell, Jesus will not come to the Jews as King until he appears in the clouds of heaven.  Therefore, according to them, Jews can presently deny Jesus as Messieh and King, continue to observe the Law, and they are still the chosen people of God.  The very demons and devils who spread hate against Jesus are still claimed to be in covenant with God.  These theologians refuse to apply Mark 16:16 to these Jews or even Acts 2:38.  Gentile theologians are guilty of a great sin against the Messieh when they claim Jesus did not establish his Kingdom.  Jesus did establish his Kingdom.  He did set up his rule and reign over Israel.  He was born King of the Jews and Israel and no demon will ever destroy that fact.  Born King means he began his rule and reign at that time.  However, he was under tutors and governors (parents) until the time he appeared to Israel at the banks of the Jordan to actually usher in the Kingdom of God.  You will recall how Jesus came riding into Jerusalem on an ass the foul of an ass while the people cried Hosanna, Hosanna, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.  There came the King.  There he sat and the people knew he was the rightful son of David.  The prophecy of Zechariah 9:9 was fulfilled:

Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion; shout, O daughter of Jerusalem: behold, thy KING COMETH UNTO THEE: he is just, and having salvation; lowly, and riding upon an ass, and upon a colt the foal of an ass.

Anyone who lies about Jesus being a King at his first coming is a devil.  The Word of God exposes all such liars.  Why am I so bold about this?  It is because so many good people are being deceived by these Jewish and Gentile theologians.  There are few men today who will cry aloud and spare not.  O, there are a lot of preachers, but what are they preaching?  How much is fluff and sermons designed to appeal to the flesh and not stir up pure minds and hearts for the Truth.  There are few men and women in this hour who have separated themselves unto the King of Israel in Truth.  So, the internet has very little on it about this great God and Saviour and his Kingdom.  If I were to pursue as these others the wealth of the world, popularity, or have a large Church steeped in the Laodicaean mentality, I would go to hell lost.  I treasure my soul and my salvation.  I refuse to hide my eyes from the truth.  I refuse to allow lies speak as Truth.  I have dedicated my life to the Messieh of Israel and I will not silence my voice or my pen for reward.  I am not a Judas.

The Messianic Judaism of Jesus was removed and separated from all other Jewish religious sects.  It became the Kingdom of God among the Israelite nation.  Any Jew who saw in Jesus the fulfillment of the Messianic prophecy of Daniel and other Prophets, would without delay flee from all other Judaisms and come into the Kingdom.  These Jews would not place tradition or rituals above the Kingdom.  This Kingdom is called the Church. By Church the Greek means "called out ones."  These called out ones came into the Kingdom and obtained salvation.  Yes, salvation for Jews is ONLY IN THE KINGDOM.  There is no salvation any other place or in any other name (Acts 4:12).  The New Testament Church is the true Israel of God.  For, where ever the throne of David is, that is the true Israel of God.  Jesus moved the throne of Israel into the Kingdom-Church and there it is today.  Has the Church replaced Israel as a nation?  YES!  Have the members of the Church replaced Jews?  No!  But, believing Gentiles have replaced unbelieving Jews who reject Jesus as the Messieh.  These Gentiles are grafted into the olive tree where the unbelieving Jews were broken out.  Can Jews come back to the olive tree?  Yes!  When they no longer remain in unbelief and come to the Kingdom for salvation and fulfillment of the promise of Abraham.

Messianic Judaism will never be destroyed.  As we approach the end of this era of time, the Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached one more time among all nations for a witness, and THEN SHALL THE END COME!

Are you one of those destined to be in the Kingdom of Jesus Messieh? If you are, your heart will be troubled by what you have just read.  You will fall down upon your knees and place your life in the hands of Jesus for his Kingdom.  You will follow what Peter commanded in Acts 2:38.  You will come into the Messianic Judaism of Jesus.  If there is no Church near you where this doctrine is preached, you should seriously consider moving to Tampa, Florida and join with us at Jesus House. Why remain in darkness under a pastor who puts the sword to truth to kill it? Why remain in fellowship with ministers and deacons who put the sword to truth to kill it?

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